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"Bake, Mice, Make"

Date: July, 17, 2019

Inspired by the book, "Bake, Mice, Bake" by Eric Seltzer, Preschoolers created mini cakes and a mouse out of air-dry clay. How exciting and beneficial this project was for their fine motor skills! It took no time at all, except for the part when we had to wait for it to completely dry before taking it home! We had each Preschooler take a turn to read at least one page of the book. We also took the time to observe and ask questions based on what they saw in the pictures! I hope this inspires you to do this with your children!


-The book "Bake, Mice, Bake" by Eric Seltzer

-A tub of Kid-Friendly Air-Dry Clay*

-Parchment Paper or Paper Plates

-Black Marker

-Washable Non-Toxic Paint

-Paint Brushes

-Paint Aprons

*One tub of Air-Dry Clay is enough for about six children

Prep Time: 5 - 10 minutes

Labor: 15-30 minutes

Drying Process: 48 hours


1. Prep a table or tables with a piece of parchment paper or a paper plate for each kid with their names written with a black maker


2. You may read the book with your children and make sure they are paying attention to the details and pictures! This will help them create their own version of a cake and a mouse!

3. After reading the book, have children roll up any sleeves, wash their hands, put on an apron, and stand where their assigned paper is at

4. Give one big handful of air-dry clay to each child. Let them roll out and play with the clay so it can be easier to for them to use. Make sure to have enough for you (teacher, guardian, etc) to show a step-by-step process


5. Give the children a general idea of how they will be creating the cake and mouse. 

6. After everyone is finished, make sure children wash their hands with hot water and soap while you put their creations away to dry overnight

7. After about 24 hours, take out your washable paints and paintbrushes. Let your children release their inner artist and paint away! 

8. Make sure to let the paint dry after they are done painting and you may let the children bring it home the next day or have their creations in your classroom for as long as you want!


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